baba au rhum

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or ba·ba au rhum  (bä′bä ō rŭm′)
A leavened rum cake, usually made with raisins.

[French baba, baba (from Polish, old woman, round Easter cake, from the cake's resemblance to a pleated skirt) + au, with the + rhum, rum.]
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Noun1.baba au rhum - a baba soaked in rumbaba au rhum - a baba soaked in rum      
baba - a small cake leavened with yeast
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They also distil rum on the island and their signature dessert is baba au rhum, which looks like it will be the heaviest dish alive, until you bite into it and feast upon its fluffy, light texture.
And for the dessert of baba au rhum, it was Golden Flip, a classic that seemed an eggnog at first sight but had much more than that.
Specials here include macaroons, puits d'amour (which is vanilla cream in caramel crust) and baba au rhum, a small yeast cake saturated in hard liquor.
A taste of Saint Marcellin cheese is succeeded by a pre-dessert of crme caramel with woody mushrooms (unconventional again, but it works) and a classic "Baba au Rhum" with Grand Marnier ice cream and exotic fruits.
Emma was tempted by the Baba au Rhum (pounds 4.95), sponge cakes soaked in rum with Chantilly cream and strawberries.
"Holiday Dining With Chef Robert Reynolds" features Savory Cake With Dry Figs; Flamiche Poireaux; Filet of Beef With Cornas Puree; Butter Lettuce With Mint; Baba au Rhum in Kirsch; Cardamom Ice Cream Garnished With Winter Fruit Compote and Flecked With Rogue River Blue Cheese.
But Williams can be on the mark in the two-mile Discover Racing Handicap Chase with Baba Au Rhum who will have the assistance of Tony McCoy in the saddle.
Baba Au Rhum only just stays the minimum trip, but even so the waiting tactics he requires were overdone in the two-mile handicap hurdle.