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also bab·i·rus·sa  (băb′ə-ro͞o′sə, bä′bə-)
Any of several wild pigs of the genus Babyrousa of Indonesian forests, the male of which has two pairs of long, upward-curving tusks.

[Malay and Indonesian babirusa : babi, pig (from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *babuy, from Proto-Austronesian) + rusa, deer, sambar; akin to Tagalog usa and Ilocano usga, deer.]


(Animals) a wild pig, Babyrousa babyrussa, inhabiting marshy forests in Indonesia. It has an almost hairless wrinkled skin and enormous curved canine teeth
[C17: from Malay, from bābī hog + rūsa deer]


(ˌbæb əˈru sə, ˌbɑ bə-)

an East Indian swine, Babyrousa babyrussa: the male has lower canine teeth extending upward outside the jaw.
[1690–1700; < Malay, =babi pig + rusa deer]
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Noun1.babirusa - Indonesian wild pig with enormous curved canine teethbabirusa - Indonesian wild pig with enormous curved canine teeth
swine - stout-bodied short-legged omnivorous animals
Babyrousa, genus Babyrousa - a genus of Suidae
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Kendari the babirusa gives birth, and one of the zoo keepers hopes a pregnancy test is positive for orangutans Willie and Sarikel.
HIDDEN cameras have captured remarkable footage showing the live birth of a babirusa piglet - one of the rarest pig species in the world - for the very first time.
Then there are the baby babirusa - a rare wild pig, which has a nibble of zoologist Lucy Cooke's backside - and the almost heart-breaking friendship between the last male White Northern rhino on Earth and his keeper Zach, who hopes he dies before the gentle giant does as he'll be devastated without him.
THE ALL YOU NEWS They've moved from the paddock alongside the ungulates kitchen into the enclosure that used to house our much-loved babirusa, Nick.
On Sulawesi you will find the endangered anoa, a type of buffalo, as well as the Sulawesi crested macaque and the babirusa, a bizarre looking animal that has twisted tusks and a large snout.
Other examples of Sulawesi cave art include a drawing of a fruit-eating pig called a pig-deer, or babirusa, from at least 35,400 years ago and a portrait of a piglike creature dating to 35,700 years ago or more.
These include Sumatran Orang-utans, Sumatran tigers, Sun Bears, Malayan tapir, various lemurs, Sumatran and Philippine crocodiles, Hornbills, Visayan Warty Pigs, Spotted Deer, Komodo Dragons, Babirusa pigs and other birds, reptiles and invertebrates.
For instance, the Indonesian babirusa pig (Babyrousa babyrussa), a skull of which is on display, uses teeth that grow through the bones and skin of the top of its snout for display and fighting.
By 30,000 yrs BP the Babirusa is virtually absent and the closed canopy forest buffalo drop to less than 2.
Babirusa pigs will make their debut at the zoo's Island Pigs of Asia exhibit Saturday.
After leaving hospital, he teams up with his buddies, including well-off Paco Fronton (Felix Gomez) and unstable Babirusa (Raul Arevalo).
It turned out that this animal is not a true ruminant; thus, the question of whether the babirusa is a kosher pig is ultimately moot.