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1. Any of several large terrestrial African and Arabian monkeys of the genus Papio, having an elongated doglike muzzle and bare calluses on the buttocks.
2. Slang A brutish person; a boor.

[Middle English babewin, from Old French babuin, gaping figure, gargoyle, baboon, perhaps blend of Old French babine, muzzle, and babau, grimace.]

ba·boon′er·y n.
ba·boon′ish adj.
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npl -ries
1. uncouth or brutish behaviour
2. a collection of baboons
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It may take long to garner a critical mass for change among the electorate and the Judiciary, but political baboonery and lies have definite lifespans.
On Friday afternoon, on stage at Tzavtathe cultural epicenter of Tel Aviv's left-leaning bohemiaAmos Oz had harsh things to say about the Hilltop Youth, the fringe group of settlers whose particular form of teenaged ennui sometimes involves defacing mosques with hurtful graffiti, torching cars, and other acts of baboonery. These settlers, Oz thundered, were nothing less than "Hebrew Neo-Nazis." Predictably, a small storm ensued, with a settler organization filing a complaint accusing Oz of incitement to racism and Israeli media talking about little but the famed author's wrathful words.
And yet such a reading does not quite account for the tripled reference to baboonery at the heart of the performance.