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1. A headscarf, folded triangularly and tied under the chin, traditionally worn by women in eastern Europe.
2. An elderly Russian or Polish woman, especially one who is a grandmother.

[Russian, grandmother, diminutive of baba, old woman.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a headscarf tied under the chin, worn by Russian peasant women
2. (in Russia) an old woman
[Russian: grandmother, from baba old woman]


(bəˈbʊʃ kə, -ˈbuʃ-)

n., pl. -kas.
a woman's head scarf, shaped or folded in a triangle, worn with two ends tied under the chin.
[1935–40; < Russian bábushka grandmother, diminutive of bába]


A Russian word meaning grandmother, used to mean an old woman or a type of headscarf.
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Noun1.babushka - a woman's headscarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chinbabushka - a woman's headscarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chin; worn by Russian peasant women
headscarf - a kerchief worn over the head and tied under the chin
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In 2017, he tried his hand at game shows with ITV's Babushka. But it was mocked by critics and his next attempt, The Wave, also sunk.
One of his bomber jackets is made with images of the classic babushka, the Russian nesting doll.
Geriatric center opened in the Belovodsk village of Moscow district of Chui region, the Babushka Adoption foundation said.
Over the course of my childhood, I must have heard it hundreds of times from my parents in New Jersey and from my Babushka in Israel.
The three bahadurs, Amna, Saadi and Kamil now have to deal with the reality of Erma (Mehwish Hayat) and Babushka (Nimra Bucha) entering Azad Nagri from a faraway land Poshinia.
Thirty students, most on the BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design degree and others at the school's university-level campus in Hartlepool, printed the towels with personalised imagery and added stitches using the same traditional techniques that are part of the Babushka's heritage.
From finger puppets, toy puppets, hand-carved figures, Russian Babushka dolls to woodland figures and detailed hand-carved human figures the sets come in different materials, including olive wood, papiermache, resin and ceramics.
This time around, there are new characters of Ghonchu (voiceover done by Fahim), Irma (Mehwish Hayat) and Babushka (Nimra Bucha); and Dino Chacha (Behroz Sabzwari) has made a comeback in the story.
They have no more evil left to fight on Earth but later a being from another planet Babushka, makes her way to find superhero Erma.
CATCH AND SEA Date: 6 October Time: 6.45am Venue: Departing Portrush Harbour Contact: 07912 408 256 Causeway Coast Foodie Tours, in collaboration with The Causeway Lass and Babushka in Portrush, can offer a truly unique experience unlike anything else found anywhere in Ireland.
They end up starting "Babushka's Chop House" in Brighton Beach, New York.
Traditional Christmas songs and carols were all part of the fun for their production "Babushka".