baby's breath

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ba·by's breath

Any of several plants of the genus Gypsophila native to Eurasia, especially G. paniculata, having numerous small, white flowers in profusely branched panicles and often used in flower arrangements.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:'s breath - tall plant with small lance-shaped leaves and numerous tiny white or pink flowersbaby's breath - tall plant with small lance-shaped leaves and numerous tiny white or pink flowers
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Gypsophila, Gypsophila - Mediterranean herbs having small white or pink flowers
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baby’s breath

n (Bot) → Schleierkraut nt
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My sister's husband's nephew's wife's cat sucked their baby's breath, and the poor innocent was all but gone when they found it.
They were no sooner audible, than Mrs Kenwigs, opining that a strange cat had come in, and sucked the baby's breath while the girl was asleep, made for the door, wringing her hands, and shrieking dismally; to the great consternation and confusion of the company.
Cockscomb, statice, baby's breath, salvia, and strawflower are among the easiest for beginners because they dry quickly (7 to 10 days) and retain their colors well.
Tables of 20 and 30 were adorned with tall crystal centerpieces by Bella Banquets, filled with baby's breath and white flowers.
The bride wore a Boho beaded dress and carried a bouquet of sunflowers, white roses, and baby's breath. Her bridesmaids wore Kentucky Blue and carried sunflowers.
So say no to gypsophila or baby's breath, chamomile, dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies, goldenrod and ordinary sunflowers plus ornamental grasses and pampas.
Orange glass and silver pumpkins were interspersed with fresh white flowers such as azucena and baby's breath.
Decorate the top of fishbowl with greenery and baby's breath or artificial snow.
Gypsophila or Baby's Breath is a classic wedding bouquet flower with its delightful sprays of dainty flowers and can also be sown outdoors now.
There were brown paper origami birds hanging from strings on a frame in which bunches of baby's breath served as clouds as silver rain drops were added.
If you can't feel your baby's breath, you need to call 999 and start CPR straight away.