baby doctor

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: doctor - a specialist in the care of babiesbaby doctor - a specialist in the care of babies  
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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Initially trained as a pharmacist and osteopath, he later became a pediatrician who was known as everyone's favorite baby doctor. He was a brilliant physician and teacher who, during his fifty-year career as a pediatrician, cared for thousands upon thousands of babies and children.
His medical professor dad Jim is known in Northern Ireland as "the baby doctor" and consultant stepmum Samina carried out the first pregnancy scan.
To this day, people remember him fondly as their "baby doctor".
With Alison's regular baby doctor away for three days at a bar mitzvah in San Francisco, an oriental doctor fills in admirably.
Spock; letters about the Vietnam War to America's favorite baby doctor.
The 54-year- old baby doctor spent seven years in Israeli prisons and was expelled to Lebanon for one year in 1992.
Mum said she knew of a brilliant baby doctor who worked in Barga, but I felt too pessimistic."
One rich source of a physician's personal experience with wet nurses is Isaac Abt's autobiography which he wrote toward the end of his life: Abt, Baby Doctor. Infant-care books and pamphlets written as late as the 1920s rarely failed to mention wet nurses as an infant-feeding option.
Luke in Oxford (been there a while now - being my first to wing away), Joe in Wolverhampton (just finished med school and off to start work as a baby doctor) and Georgie, who's also just finished uni, in Thailand (on a big volunteering-then-travelling adventure).
Tragedy surrounded schoolgirl Mandip Kaur Sanghera as she studied hard to turn her dream of becoming a globe-trotting baby doctor into reality.
A TOP baby doctor and his son feared two hate-filled racist thugs were about to kill them after a road rage row.
William Balsom, an OMG family physician, had to tell six of his patients who were pregnant with due dates after April 1 that they needed to find another baby doctor.