baby doll

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ba′by doll`

1. a doll resembling a human baby.
2. Also, ba′by•doll`. Often, baby dolls. a sheer garment for women or girls consisting of a hip-length top and a matching panty, worn in bed.
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"It was her mother's idea to replicate similar treatment method on her baby doll (Pari) to whom she is attached like a friend.
Ms Jolie added: "When my daughters were little, Zee (Zahara) and Shi (Shiloh), we got them each a baby doll.
I would like a new bicycle, a baby doll, and maybe some paint.
The rising Bahraini singer appeared with her new song in the American series "Baby Doll Records" starring celebrated American singer Baby Doll.
The Arabic song, Mamnoo Al Lams ( Forbidden to Touch), was performed in the Gulf dialect by the 16-year-old on Baby Doll Records.
Her mother and most everybody else call her 'Baby Doll,' although in typical Pinoy fashion, this nickname has been shortened to 'Bidal.'
Where once there was a baby doll that simply looked like the real thing, we now have one that SMELLS as sweet as a newborn.
| Tiny Treasures Baby Doll, Chad Valley, PS39.99, ages 3+This lifelike 18" baby doll features sleepy eyes, silky new-born hair, super-soft skin and an authentic scent of baby aroma.
The Fisher Price motorised Codeapillar, priced at PS49.99 and designed for three to six-year-olds, can be programmed to move through obstacles, while the PS39.99 18 inch baby doll from Tiny Treasures is weighted like a real newborn and even smells like one, according to the manufacturer Chad Valley.
8+ ages ages 3+ TINY TREASURES BABY DOLL, PS39.99 This most lifelike 18in baby doll, which is weighted like a real new-born, is another Argos exclusive.
The baby doll dress is this season's favourite shape with designers from Valentino to Jeremy Scott reviving the trend.