baby farm

ba′by farm`

1. a place that houses and takes care of babies for a fee.
2. a residence for unwed mothers that also arranges adoptions.
ba′by farm`er, n.
ba′by farm`ing, n.
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Almost all farms with Easter activities include egg hunts and baby farm animals, but beyond those seasonal staples, every farm creates something unique.
Boris Johnson even compared such a scenario to putting the child killer King Herod in charge of a baby farm.
For families with young children, the fair will be featuring: Chuck and Mudd family music entertainment, baby farm animals, Scholastic book fair, teddy bear clinic, ambulance and fire departments and a family BBQ.
MOTHER of two Victoria Miles says she has helped produce 300 babies in the past five years using her Baby Farm Wales natural fertility service which uses reflexology and other natural treatments to help couples desperate to conceive.
Dyer killed or left infants to die in her baby farm so she could get more money.
When any livestock is born, the first few weeks, days, or even hours can be the most important of a baby farm animal's life, as it is here, when birth complications or disease can strike.
WHETHER you want to follow the Easter trail, try some Easter crafts or meet baby farm animals - there will be plenty to do at the unique living history manor house Llancaiach Fawr.
From how the kitchen might double as a nursery for at-risk baby farm animals, to old-fashioned canning processes, to how the kitchen often served a social role as well as its practical food-preparation function, Memories of a Farm Kitchen is an absorbing blend of history and memoir, especially recommended to give readers young and old a taste of country life nearly a century gone by.
Include to-go picnic Thing of the baby farm sets with food, Day" list animals outside, drink, and (include cooking games, and of utensils.
The initial idea for the Boutique Children's Hotel was a variation on the baby farm as a form of mutual aid while the proposal submitted on 17 August 1971 exactly fits the definition of a 19th century baby farm.
My Little Hen by Alice Provensen, Baby Farm Animals by Garth Williams, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, Noah's Ark by Peter Spier, The Little Puppy (and other animal titles, such as goat, lamb, and so on) by Judy and Phoebe Dunn; Baby Animal Book by Daphne Davis - all provide a lovely look at the wonder of creation.