baby grand piano

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grand piano, grand - a piano with the strings on a horizontal harp-shaped frame; usually supported by three legs
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Across the baby grand piano lay the corpse of another black warrior, while before the door of Lady Jane's boudoir were the dead bodies of three more of the faithful Greystoke servants.
There are two extra-special rooms - the Lennon suite, all in white with a baby grand piano, and the Paul McCartney suite, which features a suit of armour signifying Sir Paul's real-life knight status.
BOSSES at a North-East college have struck a discordant note with staff after a classic baby grand piano was smashed up and dumped outside for refuse collectors to dispose of.
The first thing you'll notice is the old- fashioned decor, complete with sturdy oak beams and a baby grand piano nestling in the corner.
Hot on its heels was a chaise lounge at pounds 1,180, a reproduction Welsh Dresser at pounds 1,200, a grand father clock (pounds 1,400), a baby grand piano (pounds 1,750), a glass top dresser for pounds 900, a wrought iron hall stand for pounds 480 and an oak bureau for pounds 680.
Large picture windows with dramatic real-life Liverpool scenes, a baby grand piano in the lounge and sweeping curtains in the bathroom.
Among the items up for grabs are Entwistle's record collection, a baby grand piano - and two skeletons that the guitarist used to scare visitors to the 50-acre estate.
She explained: 'The restaurant had a fake waterfall with a rocky ledge one storey up, and a white baby grand piano on top, and someone was banging away on it, playing some sort of Elton John/Andrew Lloyd Webber tune.
2 -- color) Bidders at today's Desert Haven Training Center's auction can bid on a baby grand piano, among other items.
Kenilworth Lions has donated a baby grand piano to Clinton Primary School after it was given to them by a kindly benefactor.
A baby grand piano can be stolen with a moving van while you are on vacation.
The furniture included GeorgianI tables, an American tall case clock, and a Steinway baby grand piano.