baby shoe

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: shoe - a shoe designed to be worn by infantsbaby shoe - a shoe designed to be worn by infants
shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
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The recurring image of shoes and the paths they tread is a powerful one, from the red shoes Anna outgrows to Reb's laceless boots and from the stout wooden-heeled shoes the Swallow Man wears to the tiny, beaded baby shoe he carries with him on their journey.
During the activity, the lawyers found interesting wastes such as baby shoe and TL 50 at the park.
Out of the 200,000 pet owners surveyed, some said their dogs had swallowed 110 tea lights, an industrial fisherman's glove, net curtains and a baby shoe.
It has also partnered with leather baby shoe manufacturer Daisy Roots.
Nat did bring his son's baby shoe back and they were a pair again.
Photographs of the artist's grandparents, a worn baby shoe, along with a telling statement--"my grandmother gave me sugar bread"--lend visual and emotional immediacy to the narrative.
In the third tent, a small display of objects had been identified and studied more closely: an assortment of rusty keys, the tiny sole of a baby shoe, a bullet shell, and a mysterious doll that brings voodoo rituals to mind.
Inspired by the fun and exuberance of children, Basha created the Baby Shoe, a range of addictively collectable gold-and-enamel charms which now come in almost any combination imaginable.
The handles of the flatware are etched with such sayings as "open wide," "sweet pea," "butterfly kisses" and "cutie pie," and feature etched and embossed designs, as well as such whimsical items as an airplane, a baby shoe, a baby carriage or a choo-choo train on the very end.
s Stride Rite Division, where she was responsible for the launch of the highly successful Munchkins baby shoe line and the relaunch of the Stride Rite brand and retail stores.
Lillian ordered online for a classy pair of Christian Louboutin's designer baby shoes from the 'Loubibaby' line.
Then she or an assistant brings them to Epner Technology, a century-old Brooklyn plating plant that got its start silvering baby shoes and today serves the aerospace industry, for a metallic baptism.