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also ba·by-sit (bā′bē-sĭt′)
v. ba·by·sat (-săt′), ba·by·sit·ting, ba·by·sits also ba·by-sat or ba·by-sit·ting or ba·by-sits
1. To take care of a child or children in the absence of a parent or guardian.
2. To take care of or watch over someone or something needing attention or guidance.
1. To provide care for (a child) in the absence of a parent or guardian.
2. To watch over or tend: babysat the neighbor's plants for a week.
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[ˈbeɪbɪˌsɪtɪŋ] N I can't pay for baby-sittingno puedo pagar un/una babysitter or un/una canguro
I hate baby-sittingno me gusta nada hacer de babysitter or canguro
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[ˈbeɪbɪˌsɪtɪŋ] n to go baby-sittingfare il (or la) baby-sitter
a baby-sitting service → un servizio di baby-sitting
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(ˈbeibi) plural ˈbabies noun
1. a very young child. Some babies cry during the night; (also adjective) a baby boy.
2. (especially American, often babe) a girl or young woman.
ˈbabyish adjective
like a baby; not mature. a babyish child that cries every day at school.
baby buggy/carriage
(American) a pram.
baby grand
a small grand piano.
ˈbaby-sit verb
to remain in a house to look after a child while its parents are out. She baby-sits for her friends every Saturday.
ˈbaby-sitter noun
ˈbaby-sitting noun
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Students led by Pinckneyville Community Hospital nursing staff members, Amanda Frassato, RN, Lindsey Winter, RN, and Nancy Keller, RN, learned how to prevent injuries and handle emergencies when home alone, watching younger siblings, or baby-sitting.
The Brush: While baby-sitting in Sun Valley, Idaho, Hanks walked in.
With techniques such as strapping minicams on animals, and using slowmotion photography, it show us the adventures of baby-sitting cats and acrobatic hamsters.
WESTBORO -- Westborough Youth and Family Services congratulates the recent graduates of its American Red Cross baby-sitting classes.
Baby-sitting your daughter the odd Friday or Saturday night could be the perfect excuse for them.
She warns Tina it's not just her superb baby-sitting skills with Simon that Peter is thinking about.
It's hard to comprehend that a landlord would be so determined to create an anti-social environment in his building that inspectors would slap fines for such normal acts as tutoring or baby-sitting.
TEENAGER Matthew Fitzpatrick expects to be back on baby-sitting duty soon despite securing the Silver Medal as top amateur at the Open.
* Don't be afraid to ask people you know if they need help with cleaning, baby-sitting, or whatever else they might want.
It's located right on the beach, which is popular for surfing, and has its own kids' club, children's menus and baby-sitting service.
Too many parents see schools and teachers as a baby-sitting service and not the educational environments that they are.
A THIRTY-ONE-year-old Black Country heroin addict who was bullied into "baby-sitting" his drug dealer's ill-gotten gains has been sent to prison for a year.