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also ba·by-sit (bā′bē-sĭt′)
v. ba·by·sat (-săt′), ba·by·sit·ting, ba·by·sits also ba·by-sat or ba·by-sit·ting or ba·by-sits
1. To take care of a child or children in the absence of a parent or guardian.
2. To take care of or watch over someone or something needing attention or guidance.
1. To provide care for (a child) in the absence of a parent or guardian.
2. To watch over or tend: babysat the neighbor's plants for a week.


[ˈbeɪbɪˌsɪtɪŋ] N I can't pay for baby-sittingno puedo pagar un/una babysitter or un/una canguro
I hate baby-sittingno me gusta nada hacer de babysitter or canguro


[ˈbeɪbɪˌsɪtɪŋ] n to go baby-sittingfare il (or la) baby-sitter
a baby-sitting service → un servizio di baby-sitting


(ˈbeibi) plural ˈbabies noun
1. a very young child. Some babies cry during the night; (also adjective) a baby boy.
2. (especially American, often babe) a girl or young woman.
ˈbabyish adjective
like a baby; not mature. a babyish child that cries every day at school.
baby buggy/carriage
(American) a pram.
baby grand
a small grand piano.
ˈbaby-sit verb
to remain in a house to look after a child while its parents are out. She baby-sits for her friends every Saturday.
ˈbaby-sitter noun
ˈbaby-sitting noun
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The Brush: While baby-sitting in Sun Valley, Idaho, Hanks walked in.
WESTBORO -- Westborough Youth and Family Services congratulates the recent graduates of its American Red Cross baby-sitting classes.
Baby-sitting your daughter the odd Friday or Saturday night could be the perfect excuse for them.
It's hard to comprehend that a landlord would be so determined to create an anti-social environment in his building that inspectors would slap fines for such normal acts as tutoring or baby-sitting.
TEENAGER Matthew Fitzpatrick expects to be back on baby-sitting duty soon despite securing the Silver Medal as top amateur at the Open.
I want to start a baby-sitting business when I'm in middle school, and this summer I'm volunteering at a day care, helping with kids.
The rules apply where parents receive a "reward" for the childcare - which includes free baby-sitting in return.
Be it working on crafts or baby-sitting young patients, Niekrasz helps in any way she can, even if it means an impromptu performance or no.
Her inspiration to help children comes from baby-sitting her two younger brothers and others in the neighborhood.
QI AM 19 and over the last few months I've been baby-sitting for an older woman.
Lots up for grabs included a home-made Indian meal for two, a three-course home-cooked meal for four, cleaning and baby-sitting vouchers.