also baby mama  (bā′bē-mä′mə)
n. Slang
The mother of a man's child, especially of a child born out of wedlock.

[African American Vernacular English baby mama, baby's mama (probably influenced by Caribbean English baby-mother, babymama).]
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"It was his mum and dad, his babymama and baby, his actual girlfriend, brother and sister and us in a two-bed apartment, like 11 of us sleeping everywhere.
Orlando's former wife and babymama supermodel Miranda Kerr, 33, had a close friendship with Selena's ex Justin Bieber, 22, and was widely seen as the catalyst for Orlando, taking a swing at the pop brat at a restaurant in Ibiza in 2014.
Gatekeeping in context: Babymama drama and the involvement of incarcerated fathers.
The publicity-shy couple enjoyed an even rarer PDA, with Simon giving his babymama an affectionate kiss on the cheek as they headed downstairs for dinner.
Jayd is also affected by the culture around her, dealing with her boyfriend's babymama, her friends' drug use, and pressures from her family and friends.
A source, who told R what went down between Olamide and his alleged expectant babymama hinted that the development was already generating some ripples in the camp of the singer as they wondered who leaked the news to the public.
That's because proud daddy Louis, 24, has made the move to LA to be nearby - and has rented a PS10million five-bed mansion for six months, plus a separate four-bed house for his babymama, Briana Jungwirth, 23.
I want to be his babymama not any other person's babymama.
I'm told that before the 36-year-old rapper popped the ring on Kim Kardashian's finger he went and visited the grave of his babymama's late father to pay his respects and ask his permission.
In this study, we explore what incarcerated fathers describe as "babymama drama": the process of negotiation between mothers and fathers to secure, to restrict, and to define men's roles in their children's lives.
Abraham was quick to defend herself saying there was no history of babymama in her family and she would not be the first.
WORLD'S most r eclusive celeb announced she's going to be Kanye West's babymama. Clearly not a couple happy just watching home videos.