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1. Resembling a berry in texture or form; berrylike.
2. Bearing berries.

[From Latin bacca, berry.]


1. (Botany) like a berry in form, texture, etc
2. (Botany) bearing berries
[C19: from Latin bāca berry]
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Adj.1.baccate - resembling a berrybaccate - resembling a berry      
2.baccate - producing or bearing berriesbaccate - producing or bearing berries  
fruitful - productive or conducive to producing in abundance; "be fruitful and multiply"
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Browne and Topobea Aubl, both characterized by baccate fruits, axillary flowers with two pairs of decussate bracts, and ovoid to pyramidal seeds.
Astelia has baccate fruits with small seeds suited to bird dispersal.
Fruits indehiscent, baccate Bromelioideae Fruits dehiscent, capsular 2 2.