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 (bə-kănt′, -känt′, băk′ənt)
n. pl. bac·chants or bac·chan·tes (bə-kăn′tēz, -kän′-, -kănts′, -känts′)
1. Greek & Roman Mythology A priest or votary of Bacchus.
2. A boisterous reveler.

[Latin bacchāns, bacchant-, present participle of bacchārī, to celebrate the festival of Bacchus, from Bacchus, Bacchus; see Bacchus.]

bac·chan·tic (-kăn′tĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.bacchantic - of or relating to or resembling a bacchanalian reveler
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is the number 1 question to clarify in therapy as their "heritage" is one of rape--be it bacchantic in the manner of the infamous practices of Jean LaFitte, the more sneaky and despicable like Thomas Jefferson and Strom Thurmond, or the typical perpetrated violations of the enslaved (e.
In comparison with Kzena's Apollo-like nobleness, Dagmar Peckova is a mezzo-soprano of "animal" bacchantic ferocity and vivacity, bringing to bear the compact sonority of her full dark voice.
Of course, the ultimate destruction of categories occurs offstage, in Penthesilea's bacchantic dismembering of Achilles.