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 (băs′ə-lĕr′ē, bə-sĭl′ə-rē) also ba·cil·lar (bə-sĭl′ər, băs′ə-lər)
1. Shaped like a rod or rods.
a. Consisting of small rods or rodlike structures.
b. Caused by, relating to, or resembling bacilli: bacillary dysentery.

[From bacillus.]
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Adj.1.bacillar - relating to or produced by or containing bacillibacillar - relating to or produced by or containing bacilli
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
2.bacillar - formed like a bacillusbacillar - formed like a bacillus    
formed - having or given a form or shape
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, bacillary
a. bacilar, rel. a un bacilo.
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The predominant bacterial form found in the flasks was bacillar. The three Cladoceran species studied ingested the labeled bacteria offered, and 96% of specimens tested had consumed the FLB.
Bartonella is believed to be transmitted by an arthropod vector, and infection can result in Carrion's disease, cat scratch disease, trench fever, endocarditis, neuroretinitis, bacillar angiomatosis, hepatic granulomatosis, arthritis, osteomelitis, and sepsis (Bil leter et al.