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Adj.1.Bacilliform - formed like a bacillusbacilliform - formed like a bacillus    
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Coat proteins of Rice tungro bacilliform virus and Mungbean yellow mosaic virus contain multiple nuclear-localization signals and interact with importin a.
Sharma y Dasgupta (2012) al establecer una prueba para la cuantificacion absoluta de los agentes causales de la enfermedad del tungro del arroz (Rice tungro bacilliform virus-RTBV y Rice tungro spherical virus-RTSV) mediante PCR en tiempo real, encontraron que esta presentaba un nivel de sensibilidad 100 mil vcccs superior a la prueba de PCR convencional.
The females are further characterized by an elongate head with a gular bridge without a sclerotized median carina or a felted line, mandibles with one gland only, absence of labrum, bilobed clypeus with a median setose carina, pedicel without axial spines, third segment with three completely fused anelli and a short unsegmented acuminated projection, labiomaxillary complex with distinct stipes and galea, bacilliform process pointing backward, segmented labium, forewing closed costal cell, spurious veins and moderate pilosity, and a twelfth flagellomere.
Isolation, purification and serology of rice tungro bacilliform and rice tungro spherical viruses.
The more commonly known Bartonella species include Bartonella henselae, Bartonella quintana, and Bartonella bacilliform is.