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Noun1.back brace - a brace worn to support the backback brace - a brace worn to support the back  
brace - a support that steadies or strengthens something else; "he wore a brace on his knee"
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COURAGE: Shannon, eight, in her back brace; FAMILY: Shannon with mum and dad
BRAVE: Em in back brace' DELIGHT: With medal yesterday' BATTLE: In a brace at gym
The 27-year-old appeared in the High Criminal Court yesterday, wearing a back brace and crutches, where he and the 34-year-old man pleaded not guilty to possessing drugs with intent to distribute.
"I had two fractures to my back, I couldn't walk without a back brace. I have to be very careful with what I do.
Other approaches include pain medications, wearing a back brace, and physical exercise.
I've got to stay fairly still, but I don't have to wear the back brace I had when I broke my back point-to-pointing.
The haul included seven wheelchairs, 66 Zimmer frames, 59 pairs of crutches, one back brace and, to the surprise of the Healthwatch team, two artificial limbs.
Tennell has suffered ( several fractures in her vertebrae that landed her in a back brace and off the ice for months at a time.
Captain Mark said: "I suffered with mental health struggles after not being able to participate in sport for several years due to a spine condition." He had three years of treatment, including two spine surgeries and six months in a back brace.
As a child, Eilidh, from Fortrose on the Black Isle, was diagnosed with scoliosis, a deformity of the spine which meant she had to wear a back brace between the ages of seven and 11.
He had to wear a back brace for months and is likely to have problems for the rest of his life.