back formation

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or back formation (băk′fôr-mā′shən)
1. A new word created by removing an affix from an already existing word, as vacuum clean from vacuum cleaner, or by removing what is mistakenly thought to be an affix, as bicep from the English plural biceps.
2. The process of forming words in this way.

back′-form′ (băk′fôrm′) v.
back′-formed′ (băk′fôrmd′) adj.

back formation

1. (Linguistics) the invention of a new word on the assumption that a familiar word is derived from it. The verbs edit and burgle were so created from editor and burglar
2. (Linguistics) a word formed by this process

back′ forma`tion

1. the analogical creation of one word from another word that appears to be a derived or inflected form of the first by dropping the apparent affix or by modification.
2. a word so formed, as typewrite from typewriter.
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Yet any three at the back formation will always be vulnerable to a good winger and Jota looked exactly that.
And unless Warnock opts for a bold five at the back formation - as used by Chris Coleman's Wales side - that would enable him to incorporate each of the mentioned central defenders, something simply has to give if Morrison is to feature as prominently as he did last season.
Birkby: 'Birk' means 'birch tree' and 'by' means 'secondary settlement' in old Danish, although the 'by' bit is thought to be a back formation as the village doesn't appear in documents until around 1500.
The champs used the style that made Rainbow Beach famous, more of an up-and- back formation no matter who was up or who was back for the versatile duo.
I said a week or two ago that a three at the back formation will probably not be appropriate for every game we play this season.
css) back formation < recision, cutting back (how ironic)
He said his Party would back formation of new Provinces in accordance with the constitution.