back number

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back number


back issue

1. (Journalism & Publishing) an issue of a newspaper, magazine, etc, that appeared on a previous date
2. informal a person or thing considered to be old-fashioned

back′ num′ber

1. an out-of-date issue of a serial publication.
2. Informal. anything out-of-date.
[1805–15, Amer.]

back number

n (of magazine) → numero arretrato
References in classic literature ?
Begin with back numbers published within a few years--say five years from the present date--and let us see what your search over that interval will bring forth.
Rebecca did not seem to think this the expression of an exaggerated state of feeling, inasmuch as she replied, "I know; that's just the way it seemed to me at first, and even now, whenever I'm alone and take out the Pilot back numbers to read over my contributions, I almost burst with pleasure; and it's not that they are good either, for they look worse to me every time I read them.
Get hold of a few back numbers, and study the SUNDAY INTELLIGENCER feature story.
Chief Constable Peter Vaughan told members of the South Wales Police Authority's Chair's Advisory Board in August that use of A19 had cut back numbers of supervisory officers to the same level as other forces of a similar size.
I know the coalition government is cutting back numbers in most departments, but could someone in the Treasury be spared to pop along to HM Revenue & Customs to see if anyone has actually turned up for work after the Easter break ?
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that for several months now full-text back numbers of all out issues from 2004 to 2006 have been accessible on our web pages, www.
In the space of just 18 months, the former England lock has transformed the Steelmen from back numbers in the Premiership into a respected force in the top-flight league.
I recently returned from holiday and was appalled when I read the back numbers of the Examiner, to see what was happening regarding the proposal to move "at risk" mothers as well as the Special Care Baby Unit to Calderdale .
I was reading some back numbers of your paper when in your January 19 edition I read that 'scientists are using advances from the European space industry to develop a device which can both locate cancerous tumours and kill them using ultra-sound technology'.
After he makes contact, he should work to get his back numbers to the sideline to seal the corner.
It even can work like a proofreader--by speaking back numbers entered into a spreadsheet.