back of beyond

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 (bē-ŏnd′, bĭ-yŏnd′)
1. On the far side of; past: Just beyond the fence.
2. Later than; after: beyond midnight.
3. To a degree that is past the understanding, reach, or scope of: an evil beyond remedy.
4. To a degree or amount greater than: rich beyond his wildest dreams.
5. In addition to: asked for nothing beyond peace and quiet.
1. Farther along or away.
2. In addition; more: wanted her share but nothing beyond.
1. That which is past or to a degree greater than knowledge or experience; the unknown: "Sputnik, the first satellite to enter the great beyond of space" (Dale Russakoff).
2. The world beyond death; the hereafter.
back of beyond
A place that is remote or unsophisticated.

[Middle English biyonde, from Old English begeondan : be, by; see by1 + geondan, on the far side of; see i- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.back of beyond - a very remote and inaccessible placeback of beyond - a very remote and inaccessible place; "you'd have to go to the back of beyond to find one of those"
depth - (usually plural) the deepest and most remote part; "from the depths of darkest Africa"; "signals received from the depths of space"
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References in classic literature ?
Now and then he volunteered a little, a very little, information about his own sotnia of Cossacks, left apparently to look after themselves somewhere at the back of beyond. He had done rough work in Central Asia, and had seen rather more help-yourself fighting than most men of his years.
But Kim did not suspect that Mahbub Ali, known as one of the best horse-dealers in the Punjab, a wealthy and enterprising trader, whose caravans penetrated far and far into the Back of Beyond, was registered in one of the locked books of the Indian Survey Department as C25 IB.
SCOTT BROWN reckons Leigh Griffiths will be back to his best in no time as the hitman can find the net whether it's the back of beyond or the Bernabeu.
No drive-in parking was available that I could see that hadn't been pre-booked and I ended up in an arrivals car park at the back of beyond that was a route march back to the Terminal.
When the Baron closes there will be just two Wetherspoon's pubs left inReading, Berkshire, The Hope Tap in Friar Street and the Back of Beyond in King's Road.
Final word: A brief but beautiful adventure in the back of beyond. Price: PS2.99
BY ANITA MCSORLEY POSTMEN around Ireland often have tough jobs trying to deliver letters to people living in the back of beyond.
With To the Back of Beyond, Swiss author Peter Stamm has written a short but quiet book that neither explicitly asks nor attempts to universally answer these questions.
ridiculous having to go to either Pelaw or the back of beyond - Brockley Whins - to catch a Metro to Sunderland."
Travelling way into the back of beyond he would often bump into an old eccentric wanderer and then make camp with him.
What can Frances do but escape to the back of beyond? In her case, this is Norway's slice of the Arctic Circle, a place where the sun never sets during the height of summer.