back porch

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Noun1.back porch - a porch for the back doorback porch - a porch for the back door    
porch - a structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance
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On the back porch he tried to kiss her, and when she protested-- because he was going to be married on Monday--he caught her and kissed her until she got one hand free and slapped him.
As they approached the house, Prince Andrew with asmile drew Pierre's attention to a commotion going on at the back porch.
Peter Stebbins told me that they should be along tonight, with friends," said Simeon, significantly, as he was washing his hands at a neat sink, in a little back porch.
Ruth laid down her knitting-work, and was in the back porch in a moment.
The shopping expedition consumed the entire afternoon; then came supper and a delightful talk with Old Tom in the garden, and another with Nancy on the back porch, after the dishes were done, and while Aunt Polly paid a visit to a neighbor.
Dora kissed Anne primly and squeezed out two decorous little tears; but Davy, who had been crying on the back porch step ever since they rose from the table, refused to say good-bye at all.
Cobb had put up his horses that night he carried a kitchen chair to the side of his wife, who was sitting on the back porch.
The woman leaning on the rail of her back porch, had caught her eye, and nodded, as it seemed to Saxon, half to her and half to the underlinen on the line.
He and Esmeralda are exchanging religious experiences on the back porch now.
After what seemed interminable ages, she heard heavy steps on the back porch and knew that her husband had returned at last.
Community service: Feed My Starving Children, helped lead an effort to have volunteers from school pack meals; Mission trip to Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota; Habitat for Humanity, traveled to Port Huron, Michigan, to help build a front porch and renovate the back porch of a home; TLC Camp, volunteer; Elmhurst Teen Peer Jury Program, participated in a panel of jurors