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intr.v. back-checked, back-check·ing, back-checks
To check or defend against an ice hockey opponent while skating back toward one's own goal.

back′-check′er n.
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Defensive tackling to break up an attack.
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Back-checking every item in just one SOCE can most likely take weeks to complete.
Every player must give that little extra away from the puck, blocking shots, back-checking and winning extra battles."
"On Brett's third (period) goal there was great back-checking and hunting of the puck by Matt Vidal who chipped it out to Brett,'' said Berard, whose team improved to 1-2-1, 0-1-1 in AHA play.
"To help give the lads at the back a bit of a rest, I will be looking for the forwards - and centres especially - to be prepared to do a little more back-checking than normal.
His attitude and absence of back-checking made him a target.
The institution nonetheless regards better targeted and more extensive back-checking as relatively effective and reliable with one fraud being detected for every nine verifications.The report also points to the type of administrative penalties applied by the various countries: practices vary widely in an area where there are no mutually agreed rules.
Back-checking, that practice so hated by candidates, in which someone's references are asked to provide other references not authorized by the candidate, is growing-even in organizations not notable for checking any references.
Yet he has been doing other things like back-checking and playing defense to pick up the slack because in the end, he said, it's winning that is important, not goals.
All the defencemen brought their top game to the rink, while the back-checking from the forwards was brilliant and some of our forward play in the last two periods caused the Stars all sorts of problems.
The third-line center excels at everything else he does - penalty-killing, forechecking, back-checking, scoring - and he hasn't been tried on the PP in some time.
I might not always be scoring, but I'm usually one of the first guys back-checking.