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I guess that those back-stabbers feel good in groups but would hide in the woodwork rather than speak out in public.
Fans immediately rushed to offer their support but it's not yet known who the 'back-stabbers' Charlotte referred to are.
"He had some real back-stabbers there," Gibbons told the Bulletin on Wednesday from Los Angeles.
Blames Musharraf for Benazir's murder; Zardari vows not to support 'back-stabbers'
The party is out of touch with the hopes and aspirations of Britons, who deserve far better than a bunch of back-stabbers and betrayers.
They were the so-called back-stabbers who prevented Germany from being great again.
Pre-coup these benches were filled with sullen back-stabbers.
He's not the only caller getting it as James Hamilton, Cardonald, called in to vent: "Joe Wilson from Spean Bridge asked what would back-stabbers say about Deila if he wins the Double?
Consequently, the nation does not have any choice other than starting a united and decisive campaign against these rulers, who have proved themselves to be inefficient, traitors and back-stabbers, as well as the cat's paw of their foreign masters i.e.
Director Chris Casello made the very astute move of emphasizing comedic timing, understanding that if the characters were to come across like the corporate back-stabbers of television's "Mad Men,'' it would ruin the lighthearted, amiable nature of the story.
Iwas having a heavy, naturally, in this old Glasgow pub over the weekend, when who should I see but Nick sipping a Scotch in a corner, far away from the back-stabbers at the Lib-Dem Conference.
Eternal and infernal, politics is false promises based on false premises, and false choices based on false voices; while politicians are euphonious phonies, impostors who posture, bandits backed by pundits, and back-stabbers disguised as backslappers.