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Demanding great exertion; arduous and exhausting.

back′break′er n.
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1. (Wrestling) a wrestling hold in which a wrestler uses his knee or shoulder as a fulcrum to bend his opponent's body backwards
2. informal an extremely arduous task
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The backbreaker was a two-play 80-yard drive, which consisted of two completions to senior Jaden Dolphin.
The master of the bear hug, Boston crab and lifting backbreaker retired in the mid-1990s, making sporadic appearances into the 21st century.
A lack of revenue growth "may not be a backbreaker," but IBM's "perplexing declaration" that gross margin "stabilization" has arrived despite Q1's 30 basis point year-over-year decline will likely frustrate investors, Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz said...
GRAPPLING FAME Tinie The years that followed saw the biggest names in the world sing the national anthem before a single backbreaker had been dished out.
With the Authors of Pain down on the floor, Pete Dunne was about to win his side the titles after hitting O'Reilly with the Bitter End, but Strong stopped the pin and delivered a backbreaker to the WWE United Kingdom Champion.
you're playing from behind the whole day and that's where they're creating momentum," lamented Wilcox, who said the backbreaker was Benoit's 68-yard touchdown run at the 9:51 mark of the fourth quarter less than a minute after Cal had pulled to within a touchdown, 24-17, on a field goal by kicker Matt Anderson.
But as long as the total number of male deer lost in a given year isn't extreme, it's not a backbreaker for the herd itself.
His last three pointer turned out to be the backbreaker for the Bulldogs as he gave his squad a 73-62 buffer with 29 seconds left.
It's better to hang the upper cabinets before the base because leaning over base cabinets to hang the uppers is a backbreaker. And it's much easier to hang the upper cabinets without the base cabinets in your way.
That was a backbreaker for Davis, and Groomes dominated the second game.
Before the Brogue Kick, the Irish Curse Backbreaker was my finishing move.