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A Powered flight B Steam engines C Railways D Rocket science QUESTION 4 - for 4 points: Which comedian hosts a TV chat show called Backchat with his father?
It is not the first time he has mentioned football when reprimanding a player - last year he told Leicester Tigers' centre Anthony Allen that the "football stadium stadium is 500 yards that way" after receiving some backchat.
McCall has told sinning stars, including Bilel Mohsni, he won't tolerate bookings for backchat and bravado as they bid to return to winning ways against Raith.
AND Big Star's Little Star's John Prescott on punching the egg-thrower: "I said to Tony, 'You told me to connect with the electorate so I did.'" Which, if you hadn't seen him on Backchat, Through The Keyhole, Top Gear, All Star Mr & Mrs, Room 101, That Sunday Night Show, Piers Morgan's Life Stories, 10 O'Clock Live and Loose Women, you wouldn't have heard before.
Cardiff had a good spell of attacking spoiled by giving away a penalty for backchat but Neath came near to the next try after Jones had gathered his own kick ahead.
HATS off to John Bishop, who spoke out well for Liverpool during a Scouse love-in with Cilla Black on Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad (BBC2, Monday).
BACKCHAT WITH JACK WHITEHALL AND HIS DAD BBC2, 10pm New series of the comedy chat show, which makes the move to BBC2 after its initial run on BBC3, with stand-up and Fresh Meat and Bad Education star Jack Whitehall and his father Michael, a former theatrical agent, welcoming celebrity guests to their sofa.
Silly Stour got on the wrong side of the referee for the opening quarter and were repeatedly penalised for some unnecessary backchat.
12 ( ANI ): Author Richard Benson has compiled a list of the most original and hilarious exam answers from school kids for his new book, titled 'F In School: Blunders, Backchat and Bad Excuses'.
Super League Backchat Sky Sports 3, 10pm FOOTBALL started it, cricket followed and now it's rugby league's turn to indulge in a spot of fireside rambling, writes Steve Davies.
taunting you with backchat, leaking secrets, blasting out
We told the players we didn't want any backchat and we've got one or two individuals who aren't great tacklers and we told them to be careful.