1. Sports
a. The part of a court between the service line and the baseline in tennis and other net games.
b. The part of the playing area farthest from the goal or target wall in certain court games, such as handball.
2. Basketball
a. The half of the court that a team defends.
b. The portion of the frontcourt farthest from the basket.
c. The guards on a team.


1. (Tennis) tennis chiefly US the part of the court between the service line and the baseline
2. (Basketball) (in various court games) the area nearest the back boundary line


(ˈbækˌkɔrt, -ˌkoʊrt)

1. the half of a basketball court in which the basket being defended is located.
2. the part of a tennis court between the base line and the line that marks the in-bounds limit of a service. Compare forecourt (def. 1).


A team’s defensive half of the court.
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The 6-foot playmaker has committed to remain in of Ateneo where he will bolster the Blue Eagles' already potent backcourt rotation.
NLEX's backcourt tandem has made its presence felt during the quarterfinals.
However, despite four further consecutive Eng strikes from the backcourt, the Vikings were unable to stifle the speed and guile of the Sharks.
In their team's NBA Media Day, Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal declared that along with point guard John Wall, his team has the best backcourt in the entire league.
The Lakers' Kobe Bryant (501,215) and the Clippers' Chris Paul (393,313) pace the Western Conference backcourt players.
SAN ANTONIO -- The Kansas guards don't have hyphenated last names, well-publicized sweet tooths, tattoos on their necks or as much NBA hype as the Memphis backcourt.
They swiftly vacate the backcourt while watching to make sure that their defenders do not race to engage in a trap or run-and-jump action against the ball handler.
Brogdon added a steal with 40 seconds left after the Bucks double-teamed guard Devin Booker in the backcourt.
With Ravena in tow, Guiao likes what he has as he sees Ravena forming a deadly backcourt duo with Kevin Alas.
Prior Information Notice: Partick Housing Association - Close cleaning and backcourt management and maintenance services; Including:Grass areas: (14 Visits)- Remove all litter/debris prior to cutting, cut and edge grass with edging iron on fortnightly basis remove waste material from site.
Lin might have the ability to dictate tempo and score bunch of points at will, but the presence of James Harden in the backcourt makes everything complicated.