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1. Sports
a. The part of a court between the service line and the baseline in tennis and other net games.
b. The part of the playing area farthest from the goal or target wall in certain court games, such as handball.
2. Basketball
a. The half of the court that a team defends.
b. The portion of the frontcourt farthest from the basket.
c. The guards on a team.


1. (Tennis) tennis chiefly US the part of the court between the service line and the baseline
2. (Basketball) (in various court games) the area nearest the back boundary line


(ˈbækˌkɔrt, -ˌkoʊrt)

1. the half of a basketball court in which the basket being defended is located.
2. the part of a tennis court between the base line and the line that marks the in-bounds limit of a service. Compare forecourt (def. 1).


A team’s defensive half of the court.
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Painterworkmaintenance painterwork redecoration to: internal common closes including flame retardant coatings to achieve class 0 rating ; external elevations; external common spaces, access areas and gardens/ backcourts; external common garden furniture.
If Smith was healthy and partnered with Doncic, the Mavs could have one of the better backcourts in the NBA today.
Both teams made the finals with tremendous boost from the relentless pressing defense and sleek offense of their backcourts. With the scrappy plays of their backcourts, Magnolia and Alaska have emerged the top defensive teams in the tourney.
Both teams made the finals with tremendous boost, banking on their relentless pressing defense and the sleek offense of their backcourts.
It felt good this summer to be around each other and work hard and see what we improved on and what we could do to try to be one of the best backcourts we can be.
Jayson Castro knew he had to be at his best Wednesday night with TNT facing GlobalPort, which boasts one of the most fearsome backcourts in the PBA today.
Owning one of the NBA's most talented and highest-paid backcourts hasn't resulted in much success for Washington.
Isobel continues: "The parties in our street were held in the backcourts and everyone who lived in the tenements was there.
The club's backcourt of Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson has already been described as one of the best shooting backcourts in league history.
BHA propose to carry out repairs and upgrade to existing backcourts to provide new refuse storage and collection facilities and create, on derelict open space, new shared amenity and play facilities.
Contract Award Notice: Cernach Housing Association wishes to select a list of Contractors to competitively tender to undertake a comprehensive backcourt improvement project.