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1. Sports
a. The part of a court between the service line and the baseline in tennis and other net games.
b. The part of the playing area farthest from the goal or target wall in certain court games, such as handball.
2. Basketball
a. The half of the court that a team defends.
b. The portion of the frontcourt farthest from the basket.
c. The guards on a team.


1. (Tennis) tennis chiefly US the part of the court between the service line and the baseline
2. (Basketball) (in various court games) the area nearest the back boundary line


(ˈbækˌkɔrt, -ˌkoʊrt)

1. the half of a basketball court in which the basket being defended is located.
2. the part of a tennis court between the base line and the line that marks the in-bounds limit of a service. Compare forecourt (def. 1).


A team’s defensive half of the court.
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Jayson Castro knew he had to be at his best Wednesday night with TNT facing GlobalPort, which boasts one of the most fearsome backcourts in the PBA today.
Nakaka-challenge especially kapag si Terrence at Pringle, yung backcourt combination nila ang ganda lalo sa transition.
He and Wesley are becoming one of the most potent backcourts in the league.
Ten backcourts are located at Ledmore Drive, the other two are located at Dunkenny Road.
It should be a wide-open game since both teams feature strong backcourts.
Ohio State is in the Final Four because it has one of the nation's best backcourts.
Backcourt: Duke's William Avery and Trajan Langdon form one of the nation's top backcourts.
EWU still has one of the conference's best backcourts in senior Shannon Taylor (15.
Pepperdine features one of the best backcourts in the West, and to throw a pair of freshmen against them could be ugly.
The pick: Arizona wins 93-87, as Mike Bibby and Miles Simon show Arthur Lee and Kris Weems who's boss of the backcourts.
Stotts and Jeff Whitmore, among the best backcourts in the Foothill League.
Photo: (Ran in Simi and Conejo Editions) Ryan Coleman, left, and Bobby Baumann form one of the area's best backcourts.