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Adekoya added that it was wrong for ASUU to jump into conclusion based on the letter, which he said did not tell the whole story, as there were other documents they were not privy to that empowered the former registrar, Mr Akin Lewis, to backdate Fagbohun's promotion.
The association has called its meeting at the University Club to discuss the withdrawal of the backdate benefits.
Thanks to the start of the new tax year couples can backdate their allowance and boost their payment up to [pounds sterling]900 - just in time for the summer holidays.
Officials at Citizens Advice Service have welcomed the move to backdate PS145,000 in payments for a number of kinship carers.
Philip Connolly, policy manager at Disability Rights UK, said: "The Government's failure to fully backdate benefits owed to people who are too unwell to work is a bitter pill to swallow.
That is, we assume that firms whose cumulative reversal was worse than sixty percent of randomly generated reversals did not backdate. We then estimate the number of firms with p < 0.05 that did not backdate as follows:
If this is the first time you have claimed tax relief on your registration fee, you can also backdate a claim for previous years going back to and including the tax year 2011-2012.
NZNO and SFWU members at Radius sites around the country rejected the employer's offer to backdate its one per cent pay increase to September 1, 2014.
However, he only realizes this in January and so wishes to backdate the document to December.
At the time of the Civil Partnership Act, unions persuaded the Government to backdate survivor pension rights in public service schemes to 1988, so civil partners' rights were in line with widowers' rights.
On the one hand, if managers can easily backdate their options and already secure gains from their option compensation, it is possible that they are less interested in managing earnings.