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1. Something used as a background, especially:
a. A painted cloth hung at the back of a stage set.
b. A taut cloth suspended in a frame and used as a background against which to take a photograph.
c. An image, often painted or digitally created, used in cinematography as the background of a scene.
2. The setting, as of a historical event; the background.


1. (Theatre) another name for backcloth
2. the background to any scene or situation



1. the rear curtain of a stage setting.
2. the background of an event; setting.
[1910–15, Amer.]
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Noun1.backdrop - scenery hung at back of stagebackdrop - scenery hung at back of stage  
scenery, scene - the painted structures of a stage set that are intended to suggest a particular locale; "they worked all night painting the scenery"


noun environment, situation, circumstances, background, atmosphere The election will take place against a backdrop of increasing instability.
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Depending on the objective of the event and whether it is organized by SEAI or a third party, the display requirements can vary from a large custom-designed exhibition space, to a staging and backdrop for an Awards ceremony or a simple pop-up banner stand.
Baghdad / NINA / Rafidain Bank denied news reported by some media about the arrest of the general director of the bank, Kamal al-Hassani by the Integrity Commission against backdrop of corruption and embezzlement of state funds issues.
What: An executive detached family home situated in a quiet position with a beautiful woodland backdrop.
Portrait photographers receive a specific guide to handling backdrops and their issues, from wrinkles and storage to designing one's own backdrop, using digital backdrops, and working on location.
Summary: New Delhi: Against the backdrop of incidents of hacking of defence computers, Indian Army chief .
Told against the backdrop of last year's riots, sees Colin running on a treadmill on the stage, with an audio-visual backdrop of his thoughts.
Internationally-renowned artist Stella Vine, a big fan of The Chapman Family's music, will create a huge new painting at mima as a backdrop to the band's soundtrack for the night.
A great backdrop is like the cherry on top of a recital sundae--it enhances the entire experience.
HISTORIC Belsay Hall in Northumberland provided the backdrop for some very special Angels of the North.
The second backdrop showed the Wall Street skyline at night.
This successfully creates a starkly elegant, neutral backdrop to work on display and at the same time, this face of the wall becomes a foreground - almost a considered artwork - within the larger backdrop of its urban setting.
Backdrop automates, centralizes and tracks all routed photography that requires approvals.