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1. Something used as a background, especially:
a. A painted cloth hung at the back of a stage set.
b. A taut cloth suspended in a frame and used as a background against which to take a photograph.
c. An image, often painted or digitally created, used in cinematography as the background of a scene.
2. The setting, as of a historical event; the background.
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1. (Theatre) another name for backcloth
2. the background to any scene or situation
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1. the rear curtain of a stage setting.
2. the background of an event; setting.
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Noun1.backdrop - scenery hung at back of stagebackdrop - scenery hung at back of stage  
scenery, scene - the painted structures of a stage set that are intended to suggest a particular locale; "they worked all night painting the scenery"
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noun environment, situation, circumstances, background, atmosphere The election will take place against a backdrop of increasing instability.
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The portraits were subsequently transformed using various techniques commonly used in India: ranging from backdrops in neighbourhood photo-studios, to digital lab alterations with Photoshop and painted portraits based on photographs.
The social media platform also rolled out other features for its update Wednesday, including the ability to create backdrops and use different voice filters, without the need of visual AR lenses.
Think Guardians Of The Galaxy or Battlestar Galactica, all neon weaponry, cosmic backdrops and buzzing fighter craft.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED * 2 silver tinsel backdrops (grab them at a party store) * 2 curtains * fishing line *pushpins, tacks or gaffer's tape (found at Home Depot) * floor pillows
Markham, Canada, November 13, 2016 --( Wedding backdrops in Toronto are becoming increasingly popular in trendy weddings, allowing a wide range of different wedding styles beyond the traditional.
Backdrops and Backgrounds: A Portrait Photographer's Guide provides a fine survey of how to use studio backdrops and designs to make the most of a portrait session.
Low-key an elegant jaz warbling fr Grammy-n New Jersey sophisticate discreetly a backdrops Gardot ple room to s and sway genteel jazz sty Low-key and elegant jazzy warbling from the Grammy-nominated New Jersey goil.
Grosh Backdrops and Drapery says that among the company's most popular backdrops are montages of images such as American landmarks, Broadway icons or even pictures of clocks.
It is believed JLR identified several iconic backdrops around the city region for its Evoque shoots to emphasise the Liverpool roots of the vehicle, which is expected to go on sale around July priced from pounds 30,000.
Filigree work, which was slowly fading away, has now got the much-needed boost as it is increasingly used to decorate backdrops in innumerable pandals across the State.
Recorded in Maui, Hawai'i, the island's post-colonial history serves as a backdrop for a number of tracks, most notably the deceptively sing-songy lament "Hawai'ian Love Song." ("That Haole/ he all sentimental, he all inter-continental/ he all thinkin' everybody mental who don't want a border/ Borders Bookstore/ built over their bones/ Hawai'i/ The lovers the dreamers and Elvis so blue/ pineapples are native/ and the labor is too.") JoJoboy and co-producer Adam Capriccio's sample selection (everything from Islamic prayers to slack-key guitar loops to 1980's dance synths and bass drum hits), well-placed live instrumentation and tight vocal arrangements allow the musical backdrops to do justice to the density of their lyricism.