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tr.v. back·fit·ted or back·fit, back·fit·ting, back·fits
To retrofit.


vb (tr)
to retrofit, overhaul, esp an industrial plant



v.t. -fit -fit•ted, -fit•ting.
to retrofit.
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(50.) There are several types of backfits. This Article is concerned with those needed to ensure adequate protection and those providing safety enhancements.
(requesting information on additional regulatory requirements that have been imposed over the last five years, beyond backfits).
First, I document NRC's application of the backfit rule as a response to Fukushima, drawing from the risk perception literature to shed light on this regulatory approach.
(65) NRC attempted to address this concern in a 1985 revision to the rule, a major component of which required that the benefits of a backfit must justify the costs.
NRC has issued a guidance document further explaining the backfitting process and instructing staff on how to implement the backfit rule.
In sum, regulated entities have much greater procedural access to argue that a backfit order goes too far than do interested parties who might argue that a backfit order is inadequate.
The agency thus issued a series of backfit orders to modify existing licenses with respect to mitigation strategies, (85) venting systems for certain containment designs, (86) and spent fuel pool instrumentation.
Compact with folding backfits neatly into the boot of a car
Backfits notwithstanding, has the long-awaited kick-off of AIEWS turned out to be yet another disappointing episode of "SLQ-32 Revisited"?
Now, the decision to preserve the SLQ-32 infrastructure has expanded the system's potential in the other direction as well, for the Navy intends to backfit parts of the AIEWS technology across the fleet, specifically to non-Aegis noncombatants, as part of its larger Ship Self-Defense System (SSDS) effort.
"As you move into more sensitivity or better sensors or channelized receivers, and that sort of may or may not want to backfit all of that.
As AIEWS moves into the later stages of its development schedule, its added capabilities could take on a decidedly forward-fit orientation, as issues of cost and feasibility begin to impinge on backfit suitability.