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tr.v. back·fit·ted or back·fit, back·fit·ting, back·fits
To retrofit.
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vb (tr)
to retrofit, overhaul, esp an industrial plant
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v.t. -fit -fit•ted, -fit•ting.
to retrofit.
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With this knowledge, a number of considerations were elaborated: results for potential backfitting options are shown below.
Pictured is the concert room bar showing the backfitting made up of seashells from the Jamaican coral reef, in the Sea Around Us pub in Loughborough.
The Nuclear Regulatory Scheme and the Backfitting Rule III.
The first two necessary parameters to be selected are the number of backfitting and robustness iterations performed by two recursive procedures.
The penalized spline estimator of [b.sub.1], ..., [b.sub.d] can be obtained using a backfitting algorithm(Hastie and Tibshirani [30]).
REPTree builds a decision/ regression tree using information gain/variance and prunes it using reduced-error pruning (with backfitting).
I'm not a great fan of systems or statistical profiling as so much of the analysis is based on backfitting.
Ainda, denotando o suavizador univariado de [f.sub.k] por [S.sub.k], e as estimativas iniciais de [f.sub.k] por [f.sup.0.sub.k], k = 0 ,..., d - 1, o algoritmo utilizado, dito backfitting, (8) segue as etapas:
''By stipulating the so-called backfitting (requirement) into the law...existing facilities would not be able to operate if they cannot meet new standards,'' said Hosono, who doubles as environment minister.
At each step of the backfitting algorithm, MFP constructs an FP transformation of each continuous variable while fixing the current functional form of the other covariates and terminates when no more covariate is excluded and the functional forms of the continuous variables cease changing.