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intr.v. back·flipped, back·flip·ping, back·flips
To perform a backward somersault, especially in the air.
A backward somersault.


(Gymnastics) a backwards somersault in mid air with arms and legs extended



n., v. -flipped, -flip•ping. n.
1. a backward somersault.
2. a dive executed by somersaulting backward.
3. a complete reversal in attitude.
4. to perform a backflip.
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Not only can the new Atlas robot hop, skip and twirl in the air; it can even do backflips from an elevated place, like a parkour practitioner, or traceur.
A DAREDEVIL backflips into the cooling sea as sweltering heatwave temperatures soared into the 30s across the country yesterday.
I practised backflips landing on walls a lot thinner (than the bridge arch) and must have done it hundreds of times before I climbed the bridge.
World champion jet-skier Ant Burgess, 26, perfected his skills in the sea off North Wales and this week will attempt to break the world record of 36 backflips in a row.
I'm excited to learn new skills like backflips and somersaults," Carl says.
New York, October 5 ( ANI ): A cheerleader from Ohio has set the world record for the maximum number of backflips, by doing 40 consecutive reverse handsprings in a row.
There's not one job when I haven't been asked to do backflips.
In book one, Summertime and Somersaults, we follow her progression as she learns new moves, such as handsprings and backflips.
After performing a series of backflips in the street the unnamed lad, aged 18, tried one move too many and broke a window - belonging to Lydia's exclusive boutique Bella Sonella.
My dad's probably going to do 80 backflips when the episode comes out" - Lady Gaga, who does a voiceover of herself in The Simpsons.
With more than 1,300 performers needed to fill the Cirque's 21 shows around the world, there's no doubt Petiot will continue turning backflips for those who can, well, turn backflips.
of some of the world's best freestyle motocross riders will each perform a sort of acrobatic dirt bike ballet with backflips, "Hart Attacks," "Saran Wraps" and "Bar Hops" over the course of an allotted 90-seconds.