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To stay winning, you have to stick with the competition and get better, innovate and the backflips is one of those tricks.
In a new avatar, it is even more advanced with the addition of a new capability - backflips.
However, doing backflips is not the only thing it has been taught.
Meanwhile, SpotMini's humanoid counterpart, Atlas, recently learned how to do Parkour moves on top of being able to do backflips.
"He does do the backflips, I'm being completely serious with you," Babayaro added.
"I practised backflips landing on walls a lot thinner (than the bridge arch) and must have done it hundreds of times before I climbed the bridge."
I practiced the backflips on foam pits, which ensures that when you make a mistake then you still land softly and without injuries.
And although Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller and representatives for the singers were unavailable for comment, Mel C - aka Sporty Spice - tweeted yesterday: "Woke up this morning wondering whether I need to start practising my backflips?!!!" Bunton, known as Baby Spice, added: "Do I need to put my pigtails in?!?!?"
World champion jet-skier Ant Burgess, 26, perfected his skills in the sea off North Wales and this week will attempt to break the world record of 36 backflips in a row.
"I'm excited to learn new skills like backflips and somersaults," Carl says.