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Noun1.background knowledge - information that is essential to understanding a situation or problembackground knowledge - information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem; "the embassy filled him in on the background of the incident"
information - knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction
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"Background knowledge plays a key role in students' reading comprehension.
Knapp and Flatley offer firefighters at all levels from probie to chief officer a comprehensive summary of strategy, tactics, critical background knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful at their next house fire.
The results further demonstrated the gap in background knowledge with almost half of respondents (49.6%) answering five or fewer questions correctly.
Building background knowledge is crucial to helping students understand complex texts, and our videos are a great way to do that.
In talking about personalized learning, we should specify whether learning is being personalized according to pace, content, style, ability, background knowledge, location, or some other dimension.
These works using Bayesian methods are based on training data only, and no explicit background knowledge is integrated about the process under diagnosis.
They combine these observations with background knowledge to make inferences about what the ancient people might have looked like.
It also uses background knowledge while conducting its analysis, something that current tools are unable to do.
However, much of the content relies on students having some background knowledge of the time period and Shakespeare's works.
"My background knowledge will help me as a member of the Rural Crime Team.
He said that a very important aspect of the project was a survey conducted presession to assess the background knowledge of the community and a postsurvey conducted after a few weeks to assess the difference in both awareness and practices, produced, if any, as a result of the hygiene session.

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