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Noun1.background level - the amplitude level of the undesired background noise
amplitude - greatness of magnitude
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As discussed in Sec 4.2, the variance of the experimental data is determined by two terms, the statistical noise and the variance in the estimated background level. If the peak-to-background ratio is large ([??]10), then the statistical noise dominates and the corresponding error bars in the Bayesian/MaxEnt distribution become small when the solution is close to the underlying size distribution.
After this background level plus 10 percent is achieved, it now becomes the background level.
On the ( USGS alert system for volcanic activity, for the last two years Mauna Loa has been raised from a normal, non-eruptive level to an "advisory" level, in which the volcano "is exhibiting signs of elevated unrest above [the] known background level." The two higher alert levels in that system are "watch," in which there is "heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption," and "warning," in which a "hazardous eruption is imminent, underway or suspected."
Tsai said that Taipower, the operator of Taiwan's three nuclear power plants, incinerates thousands of barrels of low-level nuclear waste each year to lessen the number of storage sites for the wastes, which he implicitly linked to a nationwide radiation level that is 2-4 times the natural background level.
Before a large earthquake, that background level of static-electricity discharges should rise sharply, Bleier said.
In addition, continuously updated digital readings are presented for the local background level of methane along with the most recent maximum reading from a previously detected leak.
He added that they could not rule out the possibility that low background level, as well as high methane levels, originated, in part, from microbial activity.
But experts such as Professor Tucker have been tasked with bringing the level of aircraft noise down to around 55 decibels, the average background level of noise.
When the body isn't under assault, however, CLA appears to dampen down the natural background level of immune stimulation.
This suggests atmospheric reactions may create a low background level of perchlorate.
Study author Joseph Kiesecker says that during the trials, all tanks had active airstones that would have made it highly unlikely that any sound produced by the tadpoles could have exceeded the background level. "Our conclusion that the signal is chemical in nature is further supported by the results of experiment two and experiment three," he adds.

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