background level

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Noun1.background level - the amplitude level of the undesired background noise
amplitude - greatness of magnitude
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The researchers measured the background level of stress in the babies using two approaches - heart rate variability and the level of cortisol in saliva.
1 ppbv, about 10 times the average background level, the team reported December 16th at the American Geophysical Union and in Science.
It revealed a low background level of methane which spiked 10-fold over a period of just 60 Martian days.
There have been very few incidents where there has been a below background level of NORM.
runoff from landfills, compost, brush or silage piles, or chemicals such as gasoline) can add to the background level by increasing manganese release from soil or bedrock into groundwater.
These readings are of background level and do not indicate any release or leakage of radioactive material.
The background level before loudspeakers were used was from about 59 to 61dB.
As for the rest, a certain background level of shambles is perhaps to be expectedatsuchahugeevent buttheproblemsyouname weresurelyavoidable.
Despite increasingly stringent controls on our use of antibiotics, the background level of antibiotic resistant genes continues to rise in soils.

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