background noise

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Noun1.background noise - extraneous noise contaminating sound measurements that cannot be separated from the desired signal
background signal, background - extraneous signals that can be confused with the phenomenon to be observed or measured; "they got a bad connection and could hardly hear one another over the background signals"
surface noise - noise produced by the friction of the stylus of a record player moving over the rotating record
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And, whenever possible, reduce or eliminate the background noises you can control, such as the television or radio, when you're having a conversation.
These tiny devices detect speech and conversation, making these sounds louder while suppressing less important background noises that previously made it difficult for you to hear.
Because the saliency map fused with superpixels is sensitive to background noise, the background noise filtering structure (based on low-level factors such as color and spatial distance) is used to eliminate the effect of background noise.
Another way to help you clarify the sounds you want to hear is to turn off the background noises you can control, such as the radio or television.
A new study has found that the presence of background noise in the home or at school makes it more difficult for toddlers to learn new words.
Many sufferers find that background noise, such as playing music, reduces their awareness of the sounds in their ears.
Try this hands-on experiment to see how background noise affects how well you can hear a pin drop.
It eliminates the need for pre-set thresholds - which can require airports to frequently adjust settings at each monitoring location when background noise conditions change.
The wireless headset features military-grade noise cancellation, so you could take a call from the middle of Grand Central Terminal and still hear over the background noise. But Bluetooth isn't just for phone calls anymore.

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