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An informal news briefing for reporters by an official often speaking off the record.


1. any document containing background information about something
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a press conference or interview in which a government official, directly or indirectly, gives background information on a policy or issue


(ˈbækˌgraʊn dər)

a briefing by an official who has been promised anonymity in reports of the briefing.
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Noun1.backgrounder - a press conference or interview in which a government official explains to reporters the background of an action or policybackgrounder - a press conference or interview in which a government official explains to reporters the background of an action or policy; "the secretary gave us a backgrounder on public health issues"
news conference, press conference - a conference at which press and tv reporters ask questions of a politician or other celebrity
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ACA has prepared an Issue Backgrounder, titled "No Small Issue: EPA's Proposed Nano Rule and the Paint and Coatings Industry," that focuses on the U.
Current inventory management requires sales to both local and regional markets, but KBMN's mission includes a special emphasis to develop the cattle backgrounder industry in Pennsylvania as a key component in the production cycle.
This updated evaluations backgrounder focuses on the impact of afterschool programs on academic outcomes, student behavior and parental concerns about children's safety.
19 approaching, the AICPA recently updated the AICPA IFRS Backgrounder to incorporate the significant trends and events that took place through the end of 2008.
The most recent backgrounder explains the difference between investment banks (such as Bear Stearns) and regular commercial banks--which have largely been insulated from the type of problems that affected Bear Stearns.
Following the research phase 10 weeks prior to the exhibit's opening, the team developed a media advisory, a backgrounder on authenticity and a fact sheet.
Our experience combined with the results above is proof that a far greater impact could be achieved with the appropriate resources," said the backgrounder.
Agencies can reproduce it as an easy-to-read backgrounder for clients.
In the Trust Fund's RU486 backgrounder, pregnant women will find information they won't find on government-approved packaging, RU486 advertisements, or in most newspapers.
The AIDS backgrounder says, "CIDA is supporting several major programs that work with community groups and local organizations to reach vulnerable groups most at risk.
Through our Backgrounder series of publications, we present current coverage of topics of vital interest at home and abroad.
It includes "Pyramid Facts," a backgrounder that provides nutrition information and explains how the Pyramid works.