backhand shot

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Noun1.backhand shot - a return made with the back of the hand facing the direction of the strokebackhand shot - a return made with the back of the hand facing the direction of the stroke
return - a tennis stroke that sends the ball back to the other player; "he won the point on a cross-court return"
two-handed backhand - a backhand shot made holding the racquet in both hands
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Wojtek Wolski scored for Canada but Koukal lifted a backhand shot over Scrivens to level after two rounds.
Hertl knocked a loose puck into the neutral zone where Couture collected it and went in on a breakaway, beating Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck with a backhand shot through the legs.
Full of bruised knees and afternoons spent perfecting the backhand shot, P.
It was something of a surprise, therefore, that Penarth took the lead against the run of play, stand-in captain Chris Baker picking up a midfield ball from returning leader Tom Haran, before beating a number of students and firing a backhand shot into the roof of the net from a tight angle.
The first penalty of the game saw Joe Coulter sent to the Shark's box on a high sticks minor in the sixth minute, Billingham punishing the transgression in seconds, as from the face off Daniel Palmebjork grabbed his first competitive goal for the Stars with another backhand shot from close range.
lt;BAndy Murray concentrates on a backhand shot as he reached the French Open Final for the first time by defeating Wawrinka in four sets
The 34-year-old left-hander then curled a passing backhand shot to get a second break and take the set 6-3 in a mere 32 minutes.
Blaze roared away in the second period with Walker cutting in from the wing and creating space to flip home a stunning backhand shot to make it 3-2.
Boston tied it at 1-1 at 4:49 of the second period after Chris Kelly cut across the front of the net and sent a backhand shot at Hutchinson.
Obviously he got used to the racquet change and I think he's swinging through the backhand shot much better now.
Although he's frequently using double-handed backhand shot, there's a possibility for Nadal to add a single-handed backhand to his repertoire of shots.
In tennis, one can readily see how players, especially novices, can sustain the problem due to the repeated overstress placed on the outside of the wrist with the backhand shot.