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1. A type of spotlight, used in photography, that illuminates a subject from behind.
2. A light that amplifies the brightness of an LCD screen by illuminating it from behind.
tr.v. back·light·ed or back·lit (-lĭt′), back·light·ing, back·lights
To light from behind: The photographer backlit the subject for a dramatic effect.


1. (Photography) photog light falling on a photographic or television subject from the rear
2. (Electronics) electronics a light source at the back of an LCD screen
vb (tr)
to light (the subject) from a source positioned behind it



n., v. -light•ed -lit, -light•ing. n.
1. a light source placed behind an object, person, or scene to create a highlight that separates the subject from the background.
2. to illuminate (something) from behind: a backlit screen on a computer.
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The new X93D series of BRAVIA 4K LCD TVs is equipped with Sony's brand new Slim Backlight Drive technology that takes picture quality to new heights by delivering the best quality from 4K HDR content.
4G smartphone, automobile onboard and television used backlight products drove a satisfactory growth in profit
Edge-lit panels must deliver a sufficiently bright backlight evenly across the entire LCD panel.
NDS Surgical Imaging has expanded its family of advanced LED backlight surgical displays will the release of the new 24" Radiance[R] G2, 55" Radiance G2 and 24" EndoVue[R] monitors.
29, 2012 (CENS) -- Taiwan's LEDs and LED backlight suppliers are likely to gain steam from increasing popularity of larger-sized LED-backlit LCD TVs in the years to come, according to market observers.
0 certification and LG's Intelligent Sensor that adjust the backlight based on ambient light in the room.
These high-brightness LED-based backlight assemblies enable independent control of the brightness and color of individual zones within the backlight.
Trident, part of the Abacus Group plc and a distributor of displays, interface kits and other electronics, has announced the introduction of a 5" VGA display from Japanese electronics company Hitachi Ltd (NYSE:HIT), featuring an LED backlight.
Our commitment to commercializing higher value-added electronic solutions will be on display again at this year's CEF Shanghai show, encompassing a wide range of our backlight products, our innovations in LED general lighting and our ultra-portable, full-featured mini-books.
The new backlight provides increased brightness and unifornaity, while using fewer LEDs.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 8, 2006 - (JCN) - Toray Industries announced September 8 that it has developed a new optical polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film for liquid crystal display (LCD) backlight, combining multiple optical functions.
While initial implementations of LEP backlights will probably incorporate backlight and liquid crystal display in separate modules, manufacturers could ultimately deposit the LEP panel directly on the LCD glass plate for a completely integrated unit with sizeable savings in weight and better illumination than conventional backlights.