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1. A type of spotlight, used in photography, that illuminates a subject from behind.
2. A light that amplifies the brightness of an LCD screen by illuminating it from behind.
tr.v. back·light·ed or back·lit (-lĭt′), back·light·ing, back·lights
To light from behind: The photographer backlit the subject for a dramatic effect.
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1. (Photography) photog light falling on a photographic or television subject from the rear
2. (Electronics) electronics a light source at the back of an LCD screen
vb (tr)
to light (the subject) from a source positioned behind it
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n., v. -light•ed -lit, -light•ing. n.
1. a light source placed behind an object, person, or scene to create a highlight that separates the subject from the background.
2. to illuminate (something) from behind: a backlit screen on a computer.
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29, 2012 (CENS) -- Taiwan's LEDs and LED backlight suppliers are likely to gain steam from increasing popularity of larger-sized LED-backlit LCD TVs in the years to come, according to market observers.
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The UCLA engineers have created a novel concept for harvesting and recycling energy for electronic devices - one that involves equipping these devices' LCD screens with built-in photovoltaic polarizers, allowing them to convert ambient light, sunlight and their own backlight into electricity.