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1. A type of spotlight, used in photography, that illuminates a subject from behind.
2. A light that amplifies the brightness of an LCD screen by illuminating it from behind.
tr.v. back·light·ed or back·lit (-lĭt′), back·light·ing, back·lights
To light from behind: The photographer backlit the subject for a dramatic effect.
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Noun1.backlighting - lighting from behindbacklighting - lighting from behind      
lighting - apparatus for supplying artificial light effects for the stage or a film
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Smartphone makers are now reluctant to adopt mini LED backlighting for their high-end handsets due to the lowering prices of OLED panels. 
LED backlight DDICs provide these solutions for the backlighting unit (BLU).
Markam, Canada, January 21, 2015 --( Best Displays & Graphics has announced that the company is introducing businesses to the latest in banner backlighting technology.
The new A8518 and A8519 led driver chips for led backlighting from from Allegro MicroSystems Europe are multi-output boost converter devices with built-in fault-tolerant protection.
Of course it doesn't have individual LED backlighting like the other costlier ones out there but you can't ask for everything.
LEDs have become the dominant technology for backlighting LCD displays in TVs and desktop monitors.
The Vengeance K70 gaming keyboards are available in two color schemes: silver aluminum with blue backlighting, and anodized black with deep red backlighting.
5, 2012 (CENS) -- Driven by increasing demand for LCD TV backlighting modules, as well as from Apple's iPad and iPad mini, Coretronic Corp.'s production lines will be booked throughout the fourth quarter, industry sources said.
Kyocera said that its new LCD features WVGA (800x480 dots) format, long-life LED backlighting with low power consumption, up to 70,000h of operating time and wide viewing technology (+/-85 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle) to eliminate colour inversion.
The ALD6 was specifically designed for LCD displays that are increasingly migrating from cold cathode florescent (CCFL) backlighting to LEDs, due to the improved brightness, higher efficiency, and longer life that LEDs provide.
The new TFT displays feature high brightness LED backlighting which provides brightness of 1,000cd/m2 and are said to be ideal for sunlight readable applications.