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Residual pressure opposing the free flow of a gas or liquid, as in a pipe or an exhaust system.
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The effects of backpressure on the performance of the PEMFC have been studied recently through experiment and by theoretical modeling.
By eliminating passive systems that rely on backpressure from the accumulated containers to transfer the bottles, the automated system prevents tipping, stopping, stalling or spilling the bottles.
The pressure required to do this is determined by the backpressure set on the machine.
One is backsiphonage and the other is backpressure.
At-the-ear decibel measurements--where backpressure plays such a critical role with AR-15-type firearms specifically--are lower than similar models of suppressors offered by other brands.
Because the disk seals tightly against the chamber or pipe wall, there is minimum backpressure and built-in airline plugging prevention.--Solimar Pneumatics, 800/233-7109;
The vertical laminar flow station features a control pad with easy-to-use interface--user can monitor and control light, fan/filter unit backpressure and air speed.
The subsea multiphase boosting pumps improve production economics by reducing backpressure on the reservoir, increasing flow rates and total recoverable reserves.
Backpressure based routing and scheduling has been considered as a promising technique for improving the throughput of a wide range of communication networks because of its throughput-optimality property.
Another advantage: "We have succeeded in ensuring that the FWC produces only a slight backpressure to the exhaust gas flow," explains the BASF expert.