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A common method of training a neural net in which the initial system output is compared to the desired output, and the system is adjusted until the difference between the two is minimized.
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Such a process is called the learning rule; in this paper, we used the backpropagation algorithm, which is the most commonly used learning algorithm.
There are several methods of training, one of the most used is the backpropagation algorithm (Rumelhart et al.
Backpropagation is the compensation method most used in long haul links, and it was proposed as a universal technique compensating linear and nonlinear fiber propagation effects (Asif et al.
Jing Feng et al [9] implemented a rainfall forecasting based on backpropagation methodology.
This package uses a layer composed of some neurons, assuming a maximum a number of iterations equal to 100,000, with supervised training and use of the backpropagation algorithm.
In a similar manner in [4], [5] And [6] It shows different predictive techniques such as time series and neural networks, as well as their different training methods as are Backpropagation and feedforward.
After exploring ANN structures, the architecture of the ANN was designed to include the logsig transfer function in the hidden layer of 105 neurons, the feed-forward backpropagation (FFB) network structure and four output parameters, Young's modulus and tensile strength f the material in the 0[degrees] and 90[degrees] directions (i.
Drafting of technical and technological line,- Construction of the skeleton installation line,- Development of software control and measuring station, which will use solutions in the field of neural networks (genetic algorithms and backpropagation