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1. The deflection of radiation or particles by electromagnetic or nuclear forces through angles greater than 90° to the initial direction of travel.
2. The radiation or particles so deflected.

back′scat′ter v.


1. (General Physics) the scattering of particles or radiation, such as sound waves, X-rays, or alpha-particles, by the atoms of the medium through which they pass, in the backward direction
2. (General Physics) the radiation or particles so scattered
3. (Military) a technique whereby very long-range radars locate targets hidden by the curvature of the earth. Radar beams are reflected off the underside of the troposphere onto the target and the return beams, similarly reflected, are measured
to scatter in this way


(ˈbækˌskæt ər)

1. the deflection of radiation by scattering in a direction opposite to the direction of incidence.
2. radiation scattered in this manner.


Refers to a portion of the laser energy that is scattered back in the direction of the seeker by an obscurant. See also laser.
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Verb1.backscatter - scatter (radiation) by the atoms of the medium through which it passesbackscatter - scatter (radiation) by the atoms of the medium through which it passes
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
disperse, scatter, break up - cause to separate; "break up kidney stones"; "disperse particles"
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Wi-Fi device decodes information of the tag data by recognizing the power level of the backscattered Wi-Fi packets.
Therefore, the wave that reaches the sea ice-ocean interface is then backscattered by the interface as there is large difference in the relative permittivity between sea ice and ocean.
The LABe detector collects both high and low angle backscattered electrons at low kV and high spatial resolution.
In our measurement with the correlation spectrometer the effect of electron backscattering will be even more suppressed because the backscattered electrons will be reflected again from the magnetic plug with probability about 80%.
The SEM images were obtained with an efficient backscattered electron detector (10-15 KV primary electrons).