backseat driver

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back′seat driv′er

1. an automobile passenger who offers the driver unsolicited advice or criticism.
2. any meddlesome person who offers unsolicited advice.
back′seat driv′ing, n.
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Noun1.backseat driver - a meddler who insists on giving unwanted advicebackseat driver - a meddler who insists on giving unwanted advice
meddler - an officious annoying person who interferes with others
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The Backseat Driver - Unless you lay down the law before setting off, they'll be telling you what speed to do, what gear to be in and checking you've checked your mirrors.
"The backseat driver does not understand politics which is why this issue is getting bigger, " he said.
'It is unfortunate that Pakistan has an amateur at the driving wheel and that the backseat driver knows nothing about politics.'
And we can expect three arguments over what music to play and the same number of "backseat driver" outbursts.
Gasping loudly when the driver brakes, complaining about speed and stamping on an imaginary brake pedal are among the signs you have a 'backseat driver' in the car with you, it was revealed yesterday.
And one in 20 parents say their child is already a backseat driver.
"Pence, a backseat driver, had to go back to his den after exposing himself to public disgrace."
And as if that was not thorn enough, he has to suffer the daily barbs of his predecessor Chaudhry Nisar, a backseat driver in search of an official limousine.
Firstly, the Rev Sam Wells on Thought for the Day who suggested that we should be grateful for all sorts of people who had made sacrifices to save our lives; our parents, our teachers and even the backseat driver who screams out that we have driven though a red light.
Otherwise there will be no deal - unless of course that is what they, and backseat driver Boris Johnson, really want.
" Asked if he agreed with Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who accused the Foreign Secretary of acting as a "backseat driver", Mr Davis sidestepped the question, saying: "My car's only got two seats." Liberal Democrat chief whip Alistair Carmichael said the Government was in total disarray and called on the Prime Minister to bring her warring ministers to heel.