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v. back·slapped, back·slap·ping, back·slaps
To demonstrate effusive goodwill.
To demonstrate effusive goodwill toward (another or others).

back′slap′per n.


(ˈbækˌslæp ɪŋ)

the practice of making an effusive display of friendliness, as by slapping people on the back.
back′slap`, v.t., v.i. -slapped, -slap•ping.
back′slap`per, n.


[ˈbækˌslæpɪŋ] Nespaldarazos mpl
mutual backslappingbombo m mutuo


[ˈbækˌslæpɪŋ] n (fam) → scambio di pacche sulle spalle
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MANCHESTER CITY'S Vincent Kompany has urged backslappers queuing up to hail his team: Don't put us on a pedestal just yet.
There's a big paradigm shift going on in the Wal-Mart world because you've got the back-slapping person who's done business one way," he said, but those backslappers "don't have their pulse on social media like the millennials.
Not donating to egotistical backslappers Jeremy Jones ALL this looks like to me is a bunch of millionaires trying to promote their careers.
Eternal and infernal, politics is false promises based on false premises, and false choices based on false voices; while politicians are euphonious phonies, impostors who posture, bandits backed by pundits, and back-stabbers disguised as backslappers.
Remember the backslappers who are lauding you now are the very ones who were kicking you when you were down - barely a year ago.
Antona loathes backslappers, so I'll say this quietly (because he only half loathes me): he has arguably done more than any other single professional, through those he has trained and inspired, to turn round the food fortunes of a British city.
Meanwhile, real artists and craftsmen are ignored by the establishment which seems to consist of mutual backslappers awarding each other prizes.
Despite what he and his backslappers may insist, 30 years living the good life in Paris is not punishment.
This week we are on Hainan Island, one of the big tourist spots, and Liang will be weighed down by backslappers, which may not do his chances of notching a quick follow-up any good.
Surrounded by TV crews, radio mikes, and backslappers anxious to shake the hand that shook Australia, it seems a long way from the Shotley Bridge club when older brother Peter was the best cricketer in the family.
But these days many of those former backslappers have not been as accommodating.
Other people have other skills, interpersonal maybe, or [they're] backslappers, or whatever they do," he once said.