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v. back·slapped, back·slap·ping, back·slaps
To demonstrate effusive goodwill.
To demonstrate effusive goodwill toward (another or others).

back′slap′per n.


(ˈbækˌslæp ɪŋ)

the practice of making an effusive display of friendliness, as by slapping people on the back.
back′slap`, v.t., v.i. -slapped, -slap•ping.
back′slap`per, n.


[ˈbækˌslæpɪŋ] Nespaldarazos mpl
mutual backslappingbombo m mutuo


[ˈbækˌslæpɪŋ] n (fam) → scambio di pacche sulle spalle
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There will be live performances as well as a look back over two-and-a-half decades of the backslapping event, before the winner is announced.
There was lots of backslapping as a result of the win, as might be expected.
Because the backslapping Chumocracy operated by an Establishment that awards itself titles and gongs is a Ruritanian pantomime which should have been wrapped up years ago.
IT MAY be a largely tedious backslapping bonanza not to be taken too seriously, but that doesn't mean you don't want your own favourites to do well (The National Television Awards, ITV, Wednesday).
RECENTLY there was backslapping for the opening of the new cycle track on Marton Road, Middlesbrough (Gazette, 17.
But seriously folks, now that all the shouting, backslapping and "yahboo sucks to you" fades into a distant memory, we all hope the Tory rhetoric re the referendum is worth more than its promise to those expats who fought and died in order that we could all live in a free Europe, safe from Nazi tyranny and its despotic principles.
Poor Jennifer Aniston hasn't had much luck at this year's backslapping season, but there's one award she will forever have in the bag.
I REALLY enjoyed watching the annual backslapping on the National Television Awards.
Whether angels sang or if there were hugs, backslapping, or kisses on
05pm Amid all the backslapping and gushing speeches of the average award show, The British Comedy Awards stand out by virtue of being hugely unpredictable and genuinely entertaining.
50 YEARS OF BBC2 COMEDY BBC2, 9pm BBC2's 50th birthday backslapping began in April, but who can blame the powers-that-be for making the most of its milestone anniversary?
So, in addition to the backslapping of a century and a half that shaped the entire game, 2013 will deliver a judgement on Hodgson's management.