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A spin that tends to retard, arrest, or reverse the linear motion of an object, especially of a ball.
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(General Sporting Terms) sport a backward spinning motion imparted to a ball to reduce its speed at impact, as by hitting it with a downward or undercutting motion. Compare topspin
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reverse rotation of a ball causing it to bounce or roll backward or stop short.
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Noun1.backspin - spin (usually of a moving ball) that retards or reverses the forward motion
spin - a swift whirling motion (usually of a missile)
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[ˈbækspɪn] N (Tennis, Cricket) → efecto m cortado (Billiards, Snooker) → efecto m bajo, efecto m de retroceso
to give a ball backspin; put backspin on a ball (Tennis, Cricket) → cortar una pelota (Billiards, Snooker) → picar una bola
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In Division Two the final game of the season was a bottom-ofthe-table clash between Newton and Backspin TTC A.
Milagros Menendez scored on a counterattack in the 74th minute and Bonsegundo's long-range shot five minutes later hit the crossbar, bounced down and had enough backspin to go off the fingertips of goalkeeper Lee Alexander and across the line.
At 5-3 in the first set there was a cute moment when Serena dropped it short but Venus was up to the task with a softer return with backspin to the younger sister.
Trust me, back then I listened to radio a lot and loved the way DJs backspin those records on radio.
Antagonists include a female robot named Rap Punz L, another robot named Ol' Dirty Laundry, and a teddy bear-ish baddie named Teddy Backspin. Most of the characters, good and bad, break into rap frequently throughout the book, and the quips of Spider-Man or Deadpool can't compare to a fight sequence punctuated by lines like "Son I'm gonna clock you going eighty.
Ahmed's coach Raisi said, 'I told him to use a backspin service in the fifth game and follow with a top spin but he didn't, he was so tense.
But adding backspin comes from a crisp, downward strike, not a long, lazy swing.
There are an array of complex poses and steps including the windmill, backspin, drops, and lots more that usually makes the audience's jaw drop every time the dance is performed by a group of street dancers.
Ding Ning, the No 2 seed, overcame the backspin skills of Yuka Ishigaki (11-4, 11-5, 11-2, 11-6), Ai Fukuhara accounted for Singapore's Zeng Jian (11-5, 11-6, 11-7, 11-6); whilst Han Ying used her defensive skills to good effect to overcome Poland's Kinga Stefanska (11-8, 11-3, 11-9, 11-5).
drunk with backspin, a whole stadium of people holding the same breath
Trying to capture that effect in a small quote is difficult, but, as an example, here are a few lines from "We Were in the World," a prose poem: "Once, some alphabet believers, glass purveyors, Ursus Arctos killers, sent all bailiwick on cursed course far faster gyration backspin, billing intrinsic angular momentum--boson melts.
Not least the incredible sliced return from a Troicki serve which bounced on his opponent's side of the net and contained so much backspin it bounced back over on to his own side of the court.