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tr.v. back·stabbed, back·stab·bing, back·stabs
To disparage or criticize (someone), usually when that person is absent.

back′stab′ber n.
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vb (tr)
to attack in a deceitful manner
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Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 23 (ANI): Karnataka Minister and Congress' chief trouble shooter, D K Shivakumar, on Tuesday said that rebel MLAs staying in Mumbai have backstabbed them, not the BJP, and warned the saffron party that it will be its turn next.
Chandrababu Naidu is daydreaming of becoming Prime Minister and alleged that he backstabbed TDP founder and his father-in-law NT Rama Rao twice.
"Naidu backstabbed his own father in law NTR and he can backstab anyone for his and his family's prosperity", Modi said.
Pakistan Peoples' Party Co-chairman said the elder Sharif is more cunning and opportunist than he thought and he always backstabbed him.
"Refusing to give direct replies to questions regarding his political alliance with the PTI or his personal relationship with Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed simply said he felt "backstabbed"."I mean this is the reason why I agreed to I would never have done him This is so unfair to me," he said, without finishing any of his sentences.
'It is the holocaust and sad chapter of our history,' Siddiqui said and added that fascists and communal forces backstabbed the innocents and even grabbed their properties and belongings.
According to ( Buddy TV , Paul and Victor weren't even surprised that they were backstabbed by Nicole and Corey whom they just worked with a week ago.
In a statement, MP Mohammad Kabbara claimed that Qassem and Hezbollah have backstabbed the Sunni community in Beirut, Sidon, the Bekaa Valley and the north by sparking 20 rounds of fighting in Tripoli in recent years.
I am saying this with a heavy heart that when the whole of Delhi was with us, some friends backstabbed us.
PPP has backstabbed its first allied political party PML-N, and then it went against Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman, MQM respectively.
As expected, the candidates bickered and backstabbed their way through car valeting and shoe shining tasks.
He is a master having backstabbed his own father-in-law (N T Rama Rao).