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tr.v. back·stabbed, back·stab·bing, back·stabs
To disparage or criticize (someone), usually when that person is absent.

back′stab′ber n.
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someone who attacks another deceitfully, behind his or her back
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The backstabber, the one who didn't know Dover was a port, or maybe the one whose name is rapidly becoming rhyming slang used by anyone who's ever worked in the NHS?
One evening, when Holly started drinking a bottle of wine she'd bought, she became tipsy and told Janet she was from the year 2039, and that she'd fled from her husband because he was a serial killer known as the "Backstabber".
But experience tells me the average backstabber reliably comes out worse in the end than the backstabbee.
Hitting out at the Prime Minister for calling him a backstabber Naidu said, aACoeYou were speaking of backstabbing?
Anne-Marie was said to have been distressed by tweets, which Lisa liked, branding her a "gold digger" and "backstabber".
Soon after James was thrown out by Bayley and Sasha with backstabber and Bayle-to-belly suplex.
His first hip hop influence came from the legendary Beastie Boys, with their album "License To Ill." The first Eminem mixtapes popped up at the young age of 14, where Mathers performed under the artist name "M and M." After joining "Bassmint Productions," he released his first EP called "Steppin' Onto The Scene." In 1995, they changed their name to "Soul Intent," and released their first single named "Fuckin' Backstabber," which was released on Mashin' Duck Records.
Among the hundreds of emails released are discussions about Clinton's appeal among black voters, her email apologies, and Chelsea Clinton being described by one of her father's longtime aides as a 'backstabber'.
Putin happy to meet backstabber @RT_Erdogan , 'We were joking when we said his daughter treats wounded ISIS fighters'
" It does not matter whether he seeks forgiveness for having betrayed the people's mandate or atones for it." The BJP that had a 17- yearlong alliance with Nitish before the latter snapped ties in June 2013 alleged that the chief minister had been a backstabber.
New Delhi: In a hard-hitting attack on AAP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called it "backstabber" and asked Delhiites not to repeat the "mistake" of voting for the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party.