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(ˈbækˌstriːt) or


1. a street in a town remote from the main roads
2. (modifier) denoting illicit activities regarded as likely to take place in such a street: a backstreet abortion.

back′ street′

a street apart from the main or business area of a town. Cf. side street.



taking place in secrecy and often illegally: backstreet political maneuvering.


A. N the backstreets (lit) → las callejuelas; (quiet) → las calles tranquilas or apartadas del centro; (poor) → las calles de los barrios bajos
B. CPD [hotel, shop] → de barrio
backstreet abortion Naborto m clandestino
backstreet abortionist Nabortista mf clandestino/a


1. nvicolo
2. adj (shop, factory) → situato/a in un vicolo (fig) (shady) → losco/a
a backstreet cafe → un bar d'infima categoria
backstreet abortionist → praticante m/f di aborti clandestini
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